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Do you like words? Do you like games? Word Nerds is a game group for people that like words and games...especially when they are combined together. Some of the games bought to the table you might already know and Scrabble, Boggle or Apples to Apples...and some will be new and just as fun (I am sure). We also play some non-word games on occasion.

It is free and open to everyone from 8 to 108 (if you are older then 108 we will let you play). The games are supplied (but you can bring your own too). Come on down and play with'll meet some new people and play some new games (you might even have some fun).

Currently there are 2 meets in North King County and the other meets in South King County.

The North King County group is sponsored by Third Place Gamers. They meet on Sundays at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. For more information on the North King County group goto 

The South King County group meets on weekends (usually Sundays) at different libraries (Kent and Auburn) For more information on the North King County group goto 

If you want you can contact me (Tim Schutz) at questions(at)