The Pareidolia Forest
A story about a dog, her human, and a forest.

          Welcome to ďThe Pareidolia ForestĒ, a picture book with some words. My dream is to eventually turn these web pages into actual paper pages some day; when the story is complete. The good news is, I found a website that will print a single copy of the book for me. So, I just have to finish writing the story to make that dream come true ...and pay $40 ...and wait 4 to 6 weeks for printing and shipping.
          Did I say itís not complete? Well ...itís still a work in progress, but the first part of the story is ready for you reading and viewing pleasure. As I finish writing more pages I will add them.
          Every book needs a cover and what a great place to start this story. Below is the cover I envision for this book. Note: some pictures are clickable.