StellaLuna was still a little puppy when her human brought her home to live with him and his family. She doesn't remember a lot about her first days at her new home. She does remember feeling safe, having some other dogs and a cat to play with, a happy full tummy, and a nice place to sleep near her loud snoring human. At first she thought her name was puppy. She remembers all the humans would say, “ohhh what a cute puppy, hi puppy, come here puppy, who's the good puppy ...puppy, puppy, puppy”. Eventually she would learn that all dogs are named puppy at first, before they get their real name. 
          She quickly learned her name was StellaLuna, because her human would say her name a lot, and when she looked at him, she would get a smile and even a cookie sometimes. StellaLuna was a smart puppy. She learned all sorts of human words as she grew, but her favorite words were “walk, ball, toy” ...and the best word of all “cookie”.
          She decided her human's name must be Me, because he would say things like; “Stellaluna are you happy to see me, StellaLuna come to me, StellaLuna want to go for a walk with me, StellaLuna would you like me to make you some dinner?”
          Me was a pet sitter. He would go to his clients’ homes to play and take care of the dogs, cats, and other critters that live there, while their humans were working or traveling. Me had many clients all over town and would go to many different houses everyday. StellaLuna would get to ride in the car whenever Me would go to work. She loved riding in the car, getting to see and smell all the different places while she rode around in the critter car. StellaLuna always had to have her car window open, at least a crack, even on rainy days, so she could smell all the different smells outside.
       When Me went to visit his clients, StellaLuna wasn't allowed to go into the house and would stay in the car. Usually she would chew on her car bone, or just sleep in the car while Me worked. At first she would ride around in the front seat next to Me, but the critter car wasn’t very big and she quickly outgrew the front seat. So Me fixed up the back seat with a nice blanket, a water bowl, a car bone (or three), and StellaLuna got the whole back seat for herself...which comes with two windows to watch and smell the world from.