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      Alpha Playing Cards are a deck of cards with the letters of the alphabet on them. The deck of 74 cards can be used to play a variety of games. There are some fun letter recognition games that everyone will enjoy, solitaire games for when you are alone, and of course word games that can be played with more than one person.

      One of the things that make Alpha Playing Cards unique is the vowel cards. There are two different vowels on each of the 30 cards. This makes it easier to get the most used letters of the alphabet (the vowels) into a small deck of cards. You can use either vowel on the card simply by rotating the card so the vowel you want is on top left. 

     The current list of games, rules for the games, and other information are below. 

  Alpha Playing Cards
About The Cards Information sheet about the cards.
Print Your Own Deck Don't have a deck yet. You can print out your own deck and give a game a try.
  Letter Recognition Game
Alphabet Bang A fast paced letter recognition game where you need to be quick. 2-6 players.
Take Two Be the first to get rid of your cards by placing them down. 2-4 players.
  Solitaire Games
Word Solitaire Deal out six cards, play a word, stack up the cards in the word, add more cards, continue until you have one stack.
6x6 Start with 6 cards in 6 rows. Work your way through by making 2 to 6 letter words until the cards are gone.
Reserves Aptly named, Reserves is a solitaire game with a unique flavor. By Marty Hale-Evans
  Word Games
makeAword A very simple word game for kids. 1-6 players
Alpha War The classic card game War as a word game (a very easy word game) 2 players.
Alpha Grams An adaptation of the old parlor game Anagrams. 2-5 players.
Alpha Rummy 500 The classic card game Rummy 500 with words. 2-4 players.
Consonants The classic card game Hearts made into a word game. By Ron Hale-Evans 3-6 players 
New Word Make a new word using your cards and your opponent's word. 2-6 players
Lost For Words The card game Lost Cities made into a word game. By Tom Scutt. 2 players
War Of Words Schotten-Totten (aka Battle Line) made into a word game. By Tom Scutt. 2 players
Word Snake Fun, fast paced simultaneous play word game. 2-5 players.
  More Alpha
Alpha Word Game System A continuation of Alpha Playing Card that adds Alpha Dice and Alpha Tiles. 

Cool Factors
Can be used to play several different games.
Fun for all ages.
Comes in a small easy to carry box.

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 Learning Magazine 2001 Teachers' Choice Award
 Parent to Parent 2006 Adding Wisdom Award
Creative Child Magazine 2006 Game of the Year Award.




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