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Framed 8x8 silhouettes on a hallway wall.




Silhouettes 8x8 Unframed Prints
        Using the graphics program Freehand, I create a simple silhouette that I use to frame the photograph with. The framed photo is then placed in the center of a 8x8 inch square, where I will sometimes add some extra features that help accentuate what StellaLuna and I saw. I think 8x8 is the perfect size for my silhouettes; and the fact that size fits nicely onto standard photo paper, and an 8x8 frame is common size is a big plus. Also, the squares fit nicely together and support each other when you place them in a brick type pattern on the wall. 
        The silhouettes are printed on Premium Matte Photo Paper with a Canon Pixma printer. Each print is packaged in a clear bag with a backing board and shipped to you in a stiff envelope. The print size is 8x8 inches.
       If you would like to purchase an unframed 8x8 print for $25, please visit my ETSY Shop.
       If you would like to see all of the silhouettes I've created so far you can check them out at my flickr page.






Art-o-mat blocks

       Art-o-mat are old cigarette vending machines that have been converted into art, that now vend art. I first saw an Art-o-mat in Las Vegas, and of course I had to buy some art from a machine that I might have bought cigarettes from when I was a teen. I quit in my 30's and Art is a healthier choice. Pulling the lever and hearing that old familiar clunk was pretty cool. After visiting the Art-o-mat website, I thought it'd be fun to convert some of my silhouettes to fit on their blocks. 
        Art-o-mat blocks are 2 1/8″ x 3 1/4″ x 7/8″ (the size of a pack of cigarettes) and only cost $5. But, you can only get these (and other cool art) from an Art-o-mat. If you like to find out more about Art-o-mat (or more importantly if there is one near you), click on the link above.


The first series of Art-o-mat blocks I made.


An Art-o-mat block with his big block brother.




Big Blocks $85
          Recently I replaced the old wood fence panels around my home with a new picket fence. A lot of the old 2x4s in the old panels were still good, but weren't long enough to use in the new fence. So, instead of tossing the wood, I thought, why not use the old 2x4s to make a big block versions of the Art-o-mat blocks.
          The big blocks are approximately 3 3/8" x 5 1/2" x 1 3/8". They stand nicely by themselves or you can hang them with the pre-drilled hole in the back of the block. The big blocks are $80 and can be purchased at my ETSY Shop.






Mini Sandwich Boards
       Another project I'm doing for Art-o-mat are Mini Sandwich Boards. Inside the small little box that is the size of a pack of cigarettes is a three dimensional paper sculpture made from my two dimensional art. So, it's a two dimensional sculpture, I guess? Each one comes with Stan the sandwich man, whose job is to carry and display the mini sandwich board. But, like the Art-o-mat blocks you can only get them from Art-o-mat. Although I occasionally make a few extra to give away. 



Mini Sandwich Boards with Stan the Sandwich Man.