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Here are all the current games that I have released to tjgames for your enjoyment. Just click on the game's name if you want to see more about that game, want the rules for that game, a list of components needed to play the game and associated artwork so you can print and make your own copy. Currently the list is short, but I will be adding more soon.

 Game Description  Players
Make Frank's Monsters I-IV One deck of cards and four different games about building monsters. 2-5
Dominoes The Domino Deck...A deck of dominoes that fit in your pocket.
And Engine No.9...A new railroad themed domino game for 2-5 players
Sudoku Recycled Three different pencil and paper games you can play using an old completed Sudoku puzzle.  2-4
The Paper Dice Tower Not a game...but something you might like for any game that uses dice.  
The Silly Game A fun simple game I made with my daughters when they were young.  2 or more




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